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  1. divmoh247

    International Students Applying to Screenwriting Programs

    Hi! Since we're all for the most part wrapped up with applications, I thought I would make a thread to get to know the international applicants who are applying to screenwriting programs. While we make a smaller percentage of students, I thought it would be interesting to connect with you all...
  2. divmoh247

    USC Peter Stark Program Fall 2019 Entry

    Hi all! I didn't see a thread for the most recent group of applicants (that is this year) for Stark so I thought I would start one. If there's already an existing thread for people applying this year, could you please link it? Are there any people applying fall of 2018 to enter next year...
  3. S

    USC Peter Stark 2018 Fall applicants

    Hi Everyone! I know it's a little early but wanted to reach out and see if anyone was planning on applying to the USC Peter Stark program for fall of 2018?! I know I am and was wondering if anyone else was! I'm also thinking of applying to the UCLA one but USC would be the number one for sure. :)
  4. RiRi

    Past experience? / advice for a nontraditional applicant?

    Hi all - first off, thank you in advance for being a phenomenal forum for a pretty difficult process. I was not a film / anything creative undergrad, though I did plenty of work on productions in high school and in college, and have been volunteering my free time to get more experience since -...
  5. Mdub_2013

    Peter Stark Program Fall 2017

    Hi all - I'm Maria and looking to apply to the Peter Stark Program, wondering who else has begun their application essays.... Also, I see on the USC site that they don't require GRE scores, but on previous forums I see people are taking their GRE. Does anyone know if that's an official...

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