1. Prerna khattri

    Scriptwriters Event

    Hey you! Yes you! We are having an event this Sunday - 20th June Join us as we do a Live Narration and Translation of a Script !! We also have a special surprise for you if you attend the meeting!! 🧐 So register now! Contact information
  2. Prerna khattri

    Making Filmmaking Easier

    Hi guys! Are you a script writer? Do you ever wish to read screenplays in other languages? Or do you face difficulty in translating your Screenplay into another? If so, then we are here to make it easy for you! We will be launching a few of our products soon. They include: Translation...
  3. C

    Attending (Admitted w/o Interview) USC SCREENWRITING UNDERGRAD

    The application was so much fun!! I just sent in a bunch of writing samples they asked for and got in! I was notified today (March 30th) that I was admitted!
  4. Y

    Looking for a screenwriter collab for film school submission

    Hello, I am looking for screenwriter who I can work with to make a short film. I am still very new to screenwriting and is hoping to find someone who can help brainstorm with me and complete a script to film this September. I have lots of experience planning on the production side and can...
  5. anniewaits

    Admitted (After Interview) Columbia MFA Creative Producer in Training

  6. J.Thibeaux

    Admitted (After Interview) Creative Producer

    Compared to other programs, I thought the Stark Program's application was more straightforward. In addition to the application, I had only one interview before being accepted.
  7. C

    UCLA TFT 2021 (Undergraduate)

    Hey guys! here’s a thread for TFT 2021. I submitted back in December and am waiting to hear back. Post on here ab any interviews you guys have gotten or any updates!! -Chickennoodlesoup
  8. B

    Admitted (After Interview) NYU - Dramatic Writing 2022

  9. C

    Chapman MFA Screenwriter Procrastinating on Turning in their Feature AMA

    This is my last day, of my first year in the program. Ask me anything you want, even if it's not school related. I promise not to use the word unprecedented.
  10. Aanish

    Script Exchange for Feedback

    Hi, I'm looking to get some opinions on a couple of short scripts I wrote. I have two in mind that I'd like to get some input on. I'll gladly read your script and provide feedback in return. Both of my scripts are about 20-25 pages in length, you could ready either one and that'd be fine. The...
  11. Georgie Boyy

    Chapman v. LMU for MFA Screenwriting

    Hey everyone. I've been accepted to both schools and am pretty torn between the two. I know several of you are also in the same boat and I'd love to get some conversation going about this. Let me know what you think!
  12. M

    Interviewed UCLA - Screenwriting MFA

  13. M

    CSULB or SDSU?

    I am new here so forgive me for any mistakes I make. I got into both CSULB (FEA-Theory & Pract Cinema BA.) and SDSU, I want to be a screenwriter and I'm wondering what would be the best option? I know that CSULB will let you specialize in screenwriting during your last year, but SDSU is close...
  14. IndecisiveElle

    Short Film Production Blog Series/IndieGoGo

    Hey everyone! For those of you who might not know, I have a blog here on FilmSchool.Org. Right now I've been posting a series about the production process of my short film, Heads/Tails. The most recent update is about our crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. Please head over the blog section to...
  15. I did a thing - and you can too!

    I did a thing - and you can too!

    My last post was all about the develop, prep and shooting of my short film. For Heads/Tails process, the next phase has been our crowdfunding campaign. For most creatives, this is without a doubt, raising money can be the most nerve wracking aspect of the project. In my case, I know exactly how...

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