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  1. London Film School (LFS) - Directing Summer School with Udayan Prasad

    London Film School (LFS) - Directing Summer School with Udayan Prasad

    Based on an exercise originally devised by FAMU (the Czech National Film School) this 3-week workshop explores the fundamentals of filmmaking from script to screen. Using an apparently straightforward event as its starting point – 'A' drops a handkerchief and 'B' picks it up – the workshop...
  2. Aanish

    Any Significance to Online Courses ?

    I'm currently in my last year of an undergrad course which is in now way connected to film making. Yet, I wish to attend film school and really want to make a good application. I've found over the internet many short online film courses. I'm talking about the courses many could find on...
  3. M

    Looking for a film school offering a short practical film making / cinematography course

    Hey guys, I am looking for a film school offering short film making courses, something that lasts about 12 weeks - 6 months, I need something I could use as an introduction / foundation before applying for an actual film school. The plan is to use the short course to gain experience and after...
  4. Rome International Film School

    Rome International Film School

    The Rome International Film School – RIFS – offers students from around the world the opportunity to learn the art, craft and business of film, television and new media, through a finely structured mix of courses teaching classic professional standards and the ever changing innovations, with a...

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