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toronto film school

  1. S

    Toronto Film School vs Vancouver Film School for Cinematography or Directing

    Hello, I'm looking to get a diploma in "Film Production". I'd like to become a cinematographer and hopefully director one day. Currently, I can either apply to Toronto Film School or Vancouver Film School for a diploma in film production. If anyone has any sort of experience with either of...
  2. T

    Looking for a film school in Canada

    I have been learning video editing and animation from past two years and want to learn Direction and Film-making. So help me in finding a good film school for a good hands on experience on camera and to learn Direction as well. I am from India so I have been suggested some film schools like...
  3. Siddharth Menon

    Direction - MFA / MA - Looking at FSU, Toronto, Prague , Australia and other options. Help! :)

    Hey Guys! First off, I'm a complete newbie and this is kind of my first post here. I've recently quit the corporate world and have decided to take the plunge into the big, bold (and supposedly bad :) ) world of films and showbiz. My undergrad is from India in Commerce and I was working in...
  4. Toronto Film School

    Toronto Film School

    Known as one of the top film schools in Canada with a focus on career-building, students at the Toronto Film School receive a Diploma after 1-2 years of study. This school is primarily geared towards those who have completed secondary school and are hoping to continue their studies.
  5. Chris W

    Toronto Film School

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Film School Toronto Film School. Please add to the discussion here.
  6. A

    The Toronto School Of Film

    Hi all, I have been accepted into the TSOF & am wondering if I should even go. Who has been a student there, & what can you tell me about it? I find the idea of $26,000 just for tuition very scary. I will be in debt forever, as people in the artistic industry do not become overnight rich. To...
  7. S

    Any new September students in the Toronto area?

    Hey there, I am going to be living and going to school in Toronto this September. Anyone else around the area? It would be great to network a little bit
  8. N

    Best film schools in toronto

    hi, I'm interested in direction . what are the best film schools in toronto. I've read couple of discussions on this site on this topic and unfortunatly i could not conclude. I'm working now and i want to go for this course as partime . Neelu
  9. F

    Digital Film Academy of Toronto

    Does anyone know about this school? www.filmacademy.ca
  10. K

    Toronto Film School or Toronto Film College

    Friends, Are these schools worth it for Post graduate or diploma studies? I am a graduate in mass media from India. I cannot afford the high costs associated with NYU and other top universities. I am working towards a scholarship as this is the best way for me to study abroad. Please advise me...
  11. L

    Toronto - Humber College

    I applied to a number of schools in late Jan to early Feb, and so far I have been rejected by all of the except Humber College, which put me on a waiting list. I called them up to see if I could find out where I stood on the list, and one of the admissions directors told me that I was in the top...
  12. N

    Need advice on Toronto Film School & IADT!

    Hi all, I'm looking to go back to college next year for some more "hands on" experience. I have a Film Studies degree already but I'm not looking to get into production. I'm interested in PR and Marketing etc within the film industry. Does anyone know much about the Entertainment Business...
  13. K

    Toronto Film School

    Hey everyone, I've recently been thinking of going to the Toronto Film School. I've heard really good things from it. One of my main concerns however is that it's only a 15 or 16 month course. I recieve a recognized diploma and am working with the equipment from day 1. If anyone goes there...
  14. V

    Why I Wont Be Considering the Toronto Film School...

    Hello Matt, Thank you for your message and your questions, I will answer them below Recently I sent an email wanting to know information about the Toronto Film School. I have recieved the brochure about the school and read through most of it. Now, currently I am pursuing a bachelors degree in...
  15. S

    Toronto Film Schools - which is best?

    Hey everyone, I'm planning on going to school for film next fall and have heard mixed reviews about my two main interests. Originally I had planned on attending Ryerson, but I then did a tour of the Toronto Film School, which is run with the International Academy of Design. I was impressed...
  16. K

    Sheridan Institute-Toronto

    Hey everyone, I'm thinking of applying to Sheridan's Media Arts program as I've heard good stuff from other programs such as their Animation section. It sounds like it will be a good school. I need some other opinions as well though. I am a fairly good student, and am currently building my...
  17. B

    International Acadamy of Design and Technology...Toronto

    Hey guys, I've been looking into IAOD and they seem to be an alright school. They are located in Toronto, and I was curious if anyone knows anything about them? I am about to apply but would like to know some things about them first...like are they actually a good school? Any thoughts?

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