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  1. S

    Applied USC MFA Film & TV Production Fall 2021

    Changed a few things in my essays from previous application. Chose a different type of writing sample.
  2. KatieeveD

    Help with USC & UCLA screenwriting applications (I'm from the UK)

    Hey guys, So I want to apply to the Fall 2020 admissions for the USC MFA in Writing for Screen and TV and the UCLA Screenwriting MFA. I'm from the UK and our system works really differently here so I don't really understand what I'm doing. Can anyone else who's applied to these, or just US...
  3. dorkydiana

    FREAKING OUT So I just read some threads from 2015

    Turns out those who got rejected never received emails??? They just got their letters in the mail around mid-March (which, if you ask me, is cruel). Apparently, someone had done this thing where they logged into: (just put in your USC ID and birthday) and...
  4. Sunmin Inn

    USC, was it worth it?

    Hey Everyone! I'm currently a soon-to-be USC MFA student in a few months, and crazy enough, I'm still debating on whether or not I should go. Of course I've heard from people that you don't really need film school, and since I'd been working in animated films I had plenty of resources to...

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