1. Vancouver Film School

    Vancouver Film School

    Live and breathe filmmaking in an industry environment, where you’ll learn from the experts.
  2. Chris W

    Vancouver Film School

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Film School Vancouver Film School. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. I

    Film Schools in Canada? or USA?

    Hello everybody, I'm new here, but I wanted to try the forum as I am currently looking for a film program that works best for me... I would like to learn everything I can about film production, but I'm specially interested in writing, directing and editing... I have been looking into 3 schools...
  4. R

    Vancouver VFX School - Lost Boys

    Hi everyone! If anyone is into VFX, you should really check out Lost Boys Studios. I know some people who graduated from there and they have amazing demo reels. You don't need to be experienced to apply and these are some of the best works I have seen in a long time! Good luck to everyone...
  5. N

    Capilano vs UBC (Vancouver Schools)

    Hey there, I am currently looking for a film school to enroll in and think I have narrowed it down to Capilano or UBC. Vancouver Film School is far too expensive and I have seen nothing but bad reviews. Between Cap and UBC what are the pros and cons. I have scowered for reviews.. generally...
  6. K

    Vancouver Film School

    Is Vancouver Film School really as good as it sounds?
  7. L

    Art Institute Vancouver

    Hey guys, Here's an Art Institute of Vancouver Digital Film & Video review if you're looking for one. Should check out the vfs, sfu, and cap reviews also if you're doing your research.
  8. L

    screenwriting mfa in Vancouver?

    hey guys, I just posted a week or so ago asking about the difference between the film schools I'm looking at LA. Based on what I've learned, I think I've decided not to apply to LMU, but now I'm interested in looking at a few schools in Vancouver. So does anyone know of any good screenwriting...
  9. N

    Fullsail, LA Film, Vancouver Film School

    Hey all, new to the board and I thought I would finally post after reading a lot the last few days. I am currently thinking of the 3 schools listed in my subject, though I am currently leaning more towards VFS and LAF rather than Fullsail but who knows, that may change in the end. I wanted to...
  10. E


    Anyone have any opinions about Vancouver Film School? Is it about the same as the U.S. Film Schools? Would getting a BFA from a 4 year university be better in the long run? Any opinions?
  11. S

    Bad reviews of Vancouver Film School

    I have the other threads on this site about VFS, and have read some of the bad reviews floating around the net, but I am wondering if there is anyone here that actually has gone there? Because the negative reviews I have read, I must admit, just sound like they are disgruntled students who...
  12. O

    Vancouver Film School

    This question goes out to all of you who know. I'm going to be looking into applying to film schools soon, and I've either got two plans. A) is that I'll study in graphic design first, work, then head to film school, or B) is that I go straight to film school. Now that I've got that out of the...
  13. A

    Vancouver Film School

    VFS, anyone have any insider info on this place? "We'll be able to get all the things we ever dreamed of... front, and rear spoilers for the cars!"