1. 5 Tips for Your First Writing Workshop

    5 Tips for Your First Writing Workshop

    Are you worried about your very first workshop in graduate school? Or maybe it’s the first day of your new writing group or fellowship program? Perhaps it’s with people you’ve never met before or it’s with friends, but they’ve never read your work. No matter what the situation is, allowing your...
  2. T

    For HS Soph. - Seniors: One-on-one workshop with NYU Tisch Film instructors

    It's not cheap. It's all online and there's a Spring and Summer workshop.
  3. T

    Documentary Filmmaking Intensive - Oct/Nov 2019 (NYC)

    Hi all - For those of you interested in filmmaking and production, The Edit Center is excited to invite you to our upcoming Oct/Nov Documentary Filmmaking Intensive. This unique hands-on workshop will teach you the practical skills you need to tell great nonfiction stories. If you’ve always...
  4. D

    Your experience in Maine Media workshop?

    I'm planning on attending a filmmaking workshop at Maine Media, but I can't find reviews about them online. Have you ever attended one? If so, would you recommend it? Thanks!
  5. Tüvana

    Hey! Wanna make a friend?

    Hello! I'm Tuvana, I'm Turkish and I study cinema in Istanbul. I registered this site to find friends from all over the world who share the same interest with me. Also I'm looking for projects to volunteer and workshops to attend which are free or cheap. I dream about working with foreign people...
  6. juny3847

    FAMU International Summer Initiation Campus

    Dear Film School Forum community, Has anyone ever attended the FAMU International Summer Initiation Campus? I am looking at different options for Summer film intensives geared towards total newcomers. My hope is to learn how to use the visual medium to convey stories and emotions. I am writing...

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