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  1. K

    UNCSA Recommender type?

    I'm currently working on my application for the UNC School of the Arts' Creative Producing Program. In the Recommender form, it asks to mark the person as an "artistic recommendation" or "academic recommendation." I've been out of undergrad for nearly 8 years, serving in the military. For all...
  2. amar41

    Columbia Film MFA, Fall 2020 Application

    Hi there! I didn't see a thread for this yet so I thought I'd start one. I applied last year for Screenwriting/Directing, was waitlisted and never got off the waitlist, so I'm on my second round of applications. Was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about the optional video exercise for...
  3. A

    Admitted After Interview Columbia - Creative Producing 2015

    with Fellowship. Ira emailed asking for a skype call.
  4. Operator

    Waitlisted After Interview Columbia - Creative Producing 2017

    Sent an email asking/Got an email back

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