1. J

    USC MFA application - Where to upload transcript?

    I recently received an email from Susan Park, the admissions director for the SCA telling me that my application is still under review, but to continue I need to upload one of my other transcripts that I didn’t upload back in November. She told me to upload it to the document upload section of...
  2. A

    Asking for critiques on my Personal Statement for USC MFA Spring 2021

    Hello, everyone. I am Anh, a recent graduate in DC from Vietnam. I am applying to the USC MFA Production program again this Summer and would love to have someone to look over my Personal Statement. It's no doubt the hardest piece for me so any critique is hugely appreciated. Please let me know...
  3. L

    HELP!! What to do if missed the Deadline of Columbia?

    Hi there, As the title says...I missed the deadline of Columbia. (which is yesterday ? I got all the materials ready, just couldn't upload the media sample cause the internet is horrible in where I live (I'm doing a volunteer job at a film festival, and the hotel they provide is sketchy ? and...
  4. fitz

    personal statement swap

    Been feeling a little unsure about my personal statement and would love some external feedback. If anyone is able / willing / applying this year, I'd be happy to go over yours in return! I'm gonna be applying to NYU, Columbia and USC.
  5. oliviaaa

    Is the Emerson Writing for Film and Television (BA/BFA) still a program?

    I'm a little confused on what majors they actually have. When I go to their website, there's no "Writing for Film and Television" major listed under "Undergraduate Programs" but I can find the page on their website (Writing for Film and Television (BA, BFA) | Emerson College). Is that still a...
  6. F

    poor little aspiring screenwriter newbie with big dreams in the house who needs ALOT of help and advice

    Hey everyone! i... don't need to say anything since the title of this post explains it all :(. i am in my senior year of high school and i already know what i want to do (thank heavens that's the one and only thing in life i'm sure of). Besides watching a lot of anime; reading a lot of comics...
  7. G

    Help with personal statement!

    Hi there folks! I'm applying for the USC Summer Program in Cinematic Arts, which asks for a personal statement with a 500 word limit. As I'm from the UK, typically I'm not naturally very aware about how personal statements are written in the US. Stylistically, my impression is that they require...
  8. Shmorca

    Getting into USC School of Cinematic Arts: Advice and What Are My Chances?

    Hello! My name is Maia. I am a sixteen year old sophomore in high school, and I aspire to attend USC School of Cinematic Arts in some capacity, either for their Film and Television Production Program or their Screenwriting Program. Unlike most, it hasn't always been my lifelong dream, but now...
  9. L

    I need help with my USC SCA personal statement (animation BA)

    I really don't have anything to write about besides how filmmaking has impacted my life in a positive way, which i know is pretty generic. here's my essay so far: (some background info, i made two short films and im putting them in my portfolio section, and theyre 5 minutes in total. is that...
  10. Aqua

    Hi everyone, I need advice!

    So hi, I'm a rising senior studying communication with a minor in film studies. I had no intention of ever going to grad school but recently found myself with 10 tabs open of different grad sites and lists of grad programs through the US. So yea, I'm kinda worried because my first two years of...
  11. HowNowHoratio

    URGENT: Ryerson vs. Sheridan: Which one should I choose?

    I'm a first time poster here, and I really hope I'm doing this right! I have been accepted to Ryerson University's (BFA) Film program, as well as Sheridan College's (BFA) film program, and while I may have initially had my heart set on Ryerson, I'm not so sure anymore. I'm being absolutely torn...
  12. IndecisiveElle

    What would help you apply to Undergraduate Film School?

    Chris has recently given me the opportunity to write articles for our wonderful forum as a site contributor. What kind of articles would you find helpful as undergrad students and applications? I have an article planned with an undergrad student who's graduating this semester from a small...
  13. G

    Military Veteran looking to apply to Film School

    Hello, I'm Gary, currently enlisted in the Marine Corp with my active duty coming to end at the very beginning of 2018. I'm attending a community college to just provide myself with some education to give me a foundation to work from. With about 95% of an AA degree completed, with a 3.4 GPA...
  14. BuddernScotch

    How to Get a Female Size 9 Foot in the Door?

    Hi everyone, hopefully someone might read this and not be upset at this broad cry for help on entering the film industry for writing. I'd love to write, in some form, and have heard of writer's assistants, and eventually working upwards from there. However, to become a writer's assistant I...
  15. Chopsuey

    Lodz Film School

    Hello everyone, I'm applying to Lodz Film School (international student), If you have any experience or tips for entrance exam and interviews please share it with me. Thanks a lot! :D
  16. M

    One month intensive filmmaking course ?

    Hey, I want to apply to a one month intensive filmmaking certificate in London. So far I saw the one at the Central film school and at the London film academy. I wonder if anybody has any advice about them or if you know any other similar courses in London (or even in any other place) I'll...
  17. M

    SVA film portfolio essay

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has or is currently applying to SVA for film. I am currently in the process of doing so and I was wondering if anyone could share what they wrote for the two-part essay. I have an idea of what I wrote about but I've never written an essay like this before...

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