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  1. A

    Canadian American Composer

    I would like to create music, score, sound design or interactive medium for students. I am trying to build on to my portfolio. For info if you are interested please reply to this post or email me below. I have some music online at my website. AlexanderBoyntonjr.com - I compose in all styles...
  2. Best Los Angeles Film Schools

    Best Los Angeles Film Schools

    (Photo by Miles Gehm) There are many places to attend film school but there's definitely something to be said to going to school in the heart of all of the action. Below is a listing of the top LA Film Schools and it's surrounding area ranked by the review system as of January 2019. If you are...
  3. eggparanoia

    Link to Housing Options for AFI and USC MFA Students for August 2017

    Congrats to all the incoming AFI and USC MFA students for Fall '17! It seems like there is a large number of us looking for housing for August in the following areas of Central/East L.A.: -- Hollywood, Little Armenia -- Los Feliz, Silverlake, Echo Park -- Atwater Village, Eagle Rock, Highland...
  4. Paul Iverson

    Where to go for re-recording/foley mixing?

    Hello - I am at a crossroads in my life and looking for some advice/guidance. I graduated from Hofstra U with a BA IN Film/TV back in 1995. Took a straight corporate job outside the industry for 20 years while dabbling in video/audio editing/mixing on the side. Doing the work comes naturally...
  5. N

    Going to Los Angeles Film School...

    Hey everyone, So my name is Nabil and I am 18 years old and am from Palestine. I was accepted into LAFS and was wondering how is it like, and more importantly how is life in LA as an international student following filming for a career. What are things I should know before going (which is in a...
  6. Los Angeles Film School

    Los Angeles Film School

    You’ll explore every aspect of modern filmmaking, from pre- to post-production and everything in between. Get ready — it’s time to tell your story.Degree Total: $74,820
  7. Chris W

    Los Angeles Film School

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Film School Los Angeles Film School. Please add to the discussion here.
  8. M

    Decision -- Los Angeles Film School?

    So it's like this: my entire life, since the age of about eight or nine, I've dreamed of being a filmmaker. Literally, I've prepared as hard as any young man can. I direct, write screenplays and constantly watch as many films and television shows as I possibly can. However, I have a decision to...
  9. L

    NYFA or LAFS Opinions?

    (Before we start, don't give me any don't go to film school crap. I know the downsides and the benefits, and I'm going to make the fullest out of wherever I go. Hi, I am currently looking into going to either New York Film Academy (Universal, or possibly NY campus), or Los Angeles Film School...
  10. A

    Considering LAFS Please help...

    Hi, So i'm currently going to a community college here in san antonio majoring in radio, television, and film. The thing is the program is mainly focused on radio and television with about two film classes. I am seriously considering going out to LAFS to get my AS degree in film. I've...
  11. L

    Any Los Angeles Film School Students/Graduates?

    I'll be attending the LAFS in August, and I've been very curious to talk to someone who has attended or is currently attending the school.
  12. S

    the los angeles film school question

    has any body attended the los angeles film school? if so is it worth the money ? and also can any one help me with some grants? i cant seem to find them? im new to the whole school process thanks again :)
  13. S

    Los Angeles Film School

    Hey, Im going into 9th grade next year and I was wondering if I need to stay as an A student until I am out of school? And should I be in Drama (its the only thing close to acting) in my school? I want to goto LA film school after I graduate. If I do all that will I have a chance to get into...
  14. H


    I am Going to join LOs Angeles Film School In Sep. Can Anyone tell me how the school Fares in Comparison to other schools. Or how is the One year program out there. Is it good enough to learn the basic skills. what is the quality of experience there? anybody?
  15. P


    Anyone know anything about The Los Angeles School of Film? Good, bad etc?
  16. J

    Los Angeles Film School

    I'm thinking about going to LAFS....and I was just wondering what are the overall thoughs about the school. Is it legitimate? Do many attendees of LAFS receive jobs after the education? Any help would be appreciated(their website is very limited)
  17. T

    Anyone been or is going to Los Angeles Film School?

    I'm still doing some research on what film school to go to in a few years. Has anyone been or is going to Los Angeles Film School. I know it's fairly new and I haven't heard much about. Which school should I look into? 1)Columbia College Chicago 2)Columbia College Hollywood 3)Chapman...

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