1. L

    Production Design Masters Courses

    Hi all, I’m a production designer looking to continue on to a grad program to upskill during this pandemic. The trick is I dropped out of school during my undergrad to work so I don’t have a bachelors degree but I have 5 years production design experience. That being said, I’m looking for...
  2. D

    Good Film Programs for Undergrad Architecture Major?

    I'm a rising senior in an undergraduate architecture program (and minor in digital production arts). I want to work on set in film now so I'm trying to focus on graduate school for film. I don't have a ton of experience but I currently have made a 15 second animation, helped produce an...
  3. N

    London Film School or Goldsmiths?

    Hello all! I really need some advice. My story is a bit... Annoying, so say the least. I got into LFS last year and didn't go because of the high tuition. I'm not from the EU so it would've been about 32k per year... After spending 50k per year for 4 years in my US undergrads education, this...
  4. NFTS - Composing for Film & TV

    NFTS - Composing for Film & TV

    The NFTS trains composers in both live and electro-acoustic music for the moving image in a production context closely modelled on Industry working practices. Training in live and electro-acoustic music Students compose for wide variety of audio visual material Creative and technical skills...
  5. smartalis

    UCLA Professional Screenwriting Program

    Has anyone undertaken the UCLA professional screenwriting course recently? I have just finished an MA (postgrad. Masters) in Film in Europe and applied to the UCLA program, but would like to find out from anyone who has been through it, if the UCLA professional screenwriting course was...

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