1. foolishmortal26

    FSU MFA Production - Fall 2018

    Hey! Did anyone apply to FSU's MFA Production program? And have you heard anything from them?
  2. Zeno

    UCLA Production/Directing for Fall 2018

    Looks like we could use a thread about UCLA Production/Directing. Be interested to know if anyone has heard anything. Tracking sheets indicate no notifications yet which is unusual. Last year's interview emails went out on Feb. 8th. The university-wide admissions platform change in November...
  3. Devy Chun(HEEMIN CHUN)

    Questions about film production! (+portfolio..!)

    Hi! I want to be a film producer. I'm preparing to study film production at graduate school in US. However I'm junior at university in Korea, and my major is computer engineering. Recently, I studied English hard and received 7.0 in my IELTS test. ( still I'm studying English..!! ) And I'm in...
  4. IndecisiveElle

    Short Film Production Blog Series/IndieGoGo

    Hey everyone! For those of you who might not know, I have a blog here on FilmSchool.Org. Right now I've been posting a series about the production process of my short film, Heads/Tails. The most recent update is about our crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. Please head over the blog section to...
  5. Emily01

    USC Film & TV Production VS London Film School

    I'm struggling to figure out where I should go to film school and I'm hoping this community could help me make this decision. I'm currently finishing up my undergraduate degree at the University of San Francisco and have been admitted into both of these programs. I studied abroad in London not...
  6. V

    Pepperdine MFA Cinematic Media Production

    Does anybody know anything about Pepperdine's Cinematic Media Production MFA? I'm already committed to another program but want to know what people have heard about this as I still have a couple of days left to decide and am curious.
  7. C

    Warning to film applicants

    The road to admissions to film school is long and arduous. I would know, having been recently accepted, and having begun my freshman year. Most of you want to know your chances, what makes my application better? What can I do to improve? The best thing to do is to try your best. I know that...
  8. K

    Chapman vs. Emerson- need advice!

    Hi! I'm new to this so bear with me. I'm in a tough situation (but a great tough situation to be in). I was accepted to both Emerson and Chapman. I really want to go into production, and I got into Emerson's media production major. Problem is, I missed the deadline to apply to Chapman's...
  9. V

    Theoretical/Academic Vs Production - Film Degree's

    I am having problems deciding between going down a more academic/conceptual film degree route (i.e film studies or critical/cultural studies) or going down a more industry focused film production route (i.e Film and TV production). I really love film theory, it can be very political and...
  10. mcholman

    USC MFA Fall 2014 (film & tv)

    Hey everybody! I saw there wasn't a thread for fall 2014 applicants, so I thought I'd start one and connect with my fellow worrywarts as we wait! I applied back in October, and naturally haven't heard anything yet. Sound off if you're out there!
  11. Mate Boegi

    UCLA - MFA, Fall 2014

    Hey there everybody! I've just sent in my application and let's face it.... The coming months are going to be pretty nerve-racking. I have applied to UCLA - MFA - Production/Directing! You? Let's be nervous together!

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