1. M

    All my recommenders are economics professors, do you think it's a problem?

    I am applying to a couple of film MFA programs and all my recommendation letters are from economics professors, do you guys think it's a problem?
  2. R

    Seeking advice. Law school to film school?

    First time post - sorry if I'm violating any sort of etiquette here. I'm currently a law student at a decently high-ranked school, not in LA or NYC. I'm realizing that I think my major motivation for going to law school was to feel properly "educated" after an unimpressive undergrad experience...
  3. D

    Applying to Screenwriting MFA as a Stand-Up Comic?

    I'm a stand-up comic by trade who is ready to transition to episodic scriptwriting. How can I show admissions staff that I know how to write? For my first round of applications, I was honest about my current experience while emphasizing my writing skills. I sent shorter scripts and my best...
  4. iolondo


  5. K

    FREAKING OUT Urgent advice needed

    Hey guys, I'm an international student from India. Recently, I've finished my bachelor's in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I'm now trying to change my field to directing. But the problem is I want to apply for programs in USA specefically but for them you need Bonafide expeirence. Should...
  6. K

    Urgent need for an advice

    I'm looking to apply for Mfa film production / filmmaking programs. My predominant aim is to become a director. I have a background in stem degree in film engineering but no real background in creating short films or creative portfolios . My first question is - do I need to apply for bfa...
  7. St4rry

    What are the best film schools that specializes in animation?

    So I wanted to be in film school, specifically I wanted to learn about animation and live action stuff. My dad wanted me to go to college that is 2 hours or less from home. So any film schools from the west coast is out. Only colleges from the northeast. Thank you!
  8. rainydays

    Do I Need Different Genres for Creative Materials (Personal Statement, Video Submission, Feature Film Concept)? USC Film and Television Production

    Hi everyone! I'm working on applying to USC's Film and Television Production program, and I was wondering if I need to make sure all my creative materials focus on different genres? Any advice would be much appreciated!
  9. L

    Which school is better to go into as a Film/Media Major? (UCSD,UCI,UCSC,CSULB,CSUN)

    I got accepted into UCSD (Visual art- Media), UCSC (Film and Media Practice), UCI (Film Studies), CSULB (Film Production), and CSUN (Cinema and TV- Multimedia Production). I am deciding on whether I should follow a path in Film production or in New Media and am hoping that these universities...
  10. mol31203

    After Film School - How Do You Feel?

    Hi guys, so this is my first post and though I haven't heard from any schools I applied to, I want to ask those who are still attending film schools/already graduated from some questions: 1. After graduating/while attending the school you're in, do you enjoy your time there? 2. Have you...
  11. Q

    MFA eventually...what to do in the meantime outside of unrelated job?

    I graduated a year ago from undergrad and recently decided I want to go into film! I work in a totally different (but lucrative) industry so I'm saving money right now to afford a program in the next 3ish years for screenwriting or directing. But what to do in the meantime? I'm definitely going...
  12. L

    As an actor and director, would I be better off going to acting school or film school?

    I am both an actor and filmmaker and find that I just can't seem to bring myself to do just one of these things. I find them both extremely fulfilling. However, I have to choose one of these things to go to graduate school for. My undergraduate degree was in something completely unrelated -...
  13. triplefour

    Focus of Personal Statement - UT Austin Directing

    Hey folks! I'm glad to have found this website, it's been a great resource since I've decided to go to grad school. Currently, I am preparing my application for the directing program with UT Austin. I know they don't do interviews, and that the application is very important. I feel very...
  14. oliviaaa

    Is the Emerson Writing for Film and Television (BA/BFA) still a program?

    I'm a little confused on what majors they actually have. When I go to their website, there's no "Writing for Film and Television" major listed under "Undergraduate Programs" but I can find the page on their website (Writing for Film and Television (BA, BFA) | Emerson College). Is that still a...
  15. F

    Introductions poor little aspiring screenwriter newbie with big dreams in the house who needs ALOT of help and advice

    Hey everyone! i... don't need to say anything since the title of this post explains it all :(. i am in my senior year of high school and i already know what i want to do (thank heavens that's the one and only thing in life i'm sure of). Besides watching a lot of anime; reading a lot of comics...
  16. Karthik Karnati

    Need advice for choosing film grad school

    Hi all, I am Karthik Karnati from India. I have recently completed my undergrad and applied for masters in MFA for fall 2018 in USA. I have applied to 5 schools : Syracuse univ, SAIC, Columbia College Chicago (CCC), Art Center Pasadena and NYFA. I have got 2 rejects (Syracuse and SAIC) and 2...
  17. Dahniella Alcaraz

    Introductions Howdy!

    I am looking into masters film studies programs and don't want to leave any stones unturned. Any advice or recommendations for programs? Currently I have my eye on a few programs but I am positive there are more that I haven't heard looked into just yet.
  18. K

    Any advice appreciated for an AML consultant..

    Just wanted to introduce myself, I am currently and have been an Anti-Money laundering consultant for the last 3 years since graduating from a top tier school. I guess my mind has decided enough is enough and I want to pursue my passion of writing/producing. I've been eyeing USC's Producing and...
  19. M

    advice on schools

    I am 34 and i am thinking about going to grad school to get my MFA in screenwriting. I graduated fall 2013 from a school in northern california with a degree in film studies so internships, there were none. I wanna be able to teach that is my reason to go back to school and if i sell a script...
  20. Shai Garrett

    UCLA vs. USC Undergad Film School? Which would/did you choose and why?

    I was recently accepted to both UCLA and USC's film schools but I am having a very, very tough time making a decision. I will be a freshman this fall and I'm 100% sure I want to be a filmmaker. Throughout my life I have always been interested in writing. I started writing short stories in...

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