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  1. D

    NYU or Feirstein?

    Hi guys Regarding the MFA programs at NYU and Feirstein--I'm an international student and I was wondering if there are people here who went to these schools and programs and can give advice about which is better/ pros and cons? I know NYU is in high demand but their tuition is double that of...
  2. anxious-meringue

    Admitted (After Interview) Feirstein Brooklyn College MFA in Cinema Arts

    It's been slightly weird. I don't feel like the interviewer was very interested in me or my work. I also haven't heard from actual Feirstein people yet. I only got a generic Brooklyn College granulations email.
  3. T

    Brooklyn College vs Ithaca

    My daughter got accepted to both Brooklyn College and Ithaca College for her BA in film. She's hoping to become a director. Ignoring cost, which of these schools is better? Which has better resources, professors, alumni connections, etc.? I'd appreciate any personal experience. Thanks in advance!
  4. comradecowboy

    Admitted (After Interview) Brooklyn College MFA Fall 2024

    It was fairly straight forward, uploading my creative sample was easy and so was gathering all the needed materials. I also like they made sure to keep the personal statement in a short limit as well. I felt good after submitting.
  5. anxious-meringue

    Feirstein Brooklyn College MFA in Cinema Arts 2024

    Did anyone apply to Feirstein? I just had my interview!
  6. B

    Admitted but Not Attending (After Interview) Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema Brooklyn College Film MFA - Fall 2024

    The process was fairly easy. The application website was a little glitchy, so I couldn't submit my application when I wanted to. Brooklyn College had the latest application deadline out of all my schools, but I decided to apply earlier.
  7. CaptainJZH

    FYI: Feirstein Grad School introducing "Live Action Filmmaking" track in 2024-25 academic year

    Hey all, I'm a 3rd-year MFA student at Brooklyn College's Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema (its a 3-year program, so this is my last semester!) and since I'm one of those people who likes to look up what people online are saying about their school, I came across a few threads here about...
  8. jorgeicotte

    Admitted (After Interview) Brooklyn College Directing MFA 2023

    First time applying. This app had the latest deadline of the schools i apllied to, and I had an interview basically a month after. The interview was pretty standard stuff except they ask you to submit an image to discuss during it (any image, but preferably not a still from a movie).
  9. jkosmacki

    Admitted (After Interview) Brooklyn College Feirstein - Directing - Fall 2023

    This application was not too difficult, but I did apply after the priority deadline (1/15), so that might hurt my chances. I had received conflicting info from Feirstein's website from that of the CUNY Brooklyn College. Anyway, there are a bunch of parts to the application, but it does not...
  10. E

    DePaul vs Syracuse VPA vs Brooklyn College

    I’m currently waiting to receive my decision for Loyola Marymount University, but if not accepted, I will have a hard time deciding between the programs that I have been accepted to, which are DePaul University- Directing Track, Syracuse University- MFA Film, and Brooklyn College- Directing...
  11. Brooklyn College (CUNY)

    Brooklyn College (CUNY)

    Brooklyn College is excellent for film school students interested in taking advantage of New York’s independent film scene while watching their budgets. The film school offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that combines intensive academic study with hands-on learning. Plus, the program...
  12. F

    Any advice for Feirstein graduate School of Cinema (Brooklyn College) Interview?

    Hi! I've been accepted for an interview from BC wherein I am specializing in Post Prod. I come from a nontraditional background (I am actually from the medical field) and will be transitioning to film (hopefully soon!). So any advice to conquer my interviews? or commonly asked questions by the...
  13. A

    Stony Brook vs Emerson vs Brooklyn - A little confused about which school to attend.

    I just got my acceptance for Stony Brook directing track. I've also applied to Emerson and Brooklyn College (I'm fairly confident about these applications). I know Emerson is a giant when it comes to its robust program and alumni. Stony Brook so far has been my first choice among the three but...
  14. N

    Anyone attending Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema (Brooklyn College) starting in Fall 2021?

    Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well and all the stress of applications and figuring where you are going to attend in fall has settled down! I have committed to Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema and will be starting this fall in the producing track. I would love to meet other people who will...
  15. lauren_martine

    Attending (Admitted After Interview) Brooklyn College - Feirstein Screenwriting Fall 2021

    First time applying-- applying straight from undergrad. I took the very first interview slot in February. Had a great interview experience. The head of the department and one other professor were in the meeting; they were happy to meet a current CUNY student. I noticed some other posts saying...
  16. snipsnapsnout

    Admitted but Not Attending (After Interview) Cinematography MFA / Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema (CUNY Brooklyn College)

    Received an email for an interview, asked to send an image to discuss. Interview was a little odd--I really couldn't tell if they had reviewed my application or remembered who I was, so I wasn't sure if I should or shouldn't repeat things I had written. There was no mention of my portfolio at...
  17. jn0pe

    Admitted but Not Attending (After Interview) Feirstein - Directing MFA 2020

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