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emerson college

  1. Y

    Applied Emerson College - MFA Film and Media Art -- Fall 2021

  2. R

    LMU vs Emerson

    Hello! I have been accepted to both LMU and Emerson under Film Production (both with scholarships). I am currently trying to choose between the two... I know that both schools are highly regarded for their programs in Film however I'm not quite sure which school would suit me and also benefit me...
  3. patrick.simpson

    Emerson College MFA Film and Media Art 2020

    Hi Everyone, Has anyone else applied to Emerson's MFA in Film and Media Art? Would love to hear your progress!
  4. jn0pe

    Declined Admission Without Interview Emerson College - Film and Media Art MFA 2020

  5. dorkydiana

    Admitted Without Interview Emerson College - MFA Screenwriting Fall 2020

  6. appleworker

    CCC or Emerson

    Hey! I was admitted by CCC and Emerson, waitlist in ucla and lmu, also waiting for Chapman. Now I can afford CCC, if I choose to study in Emerson, I need $50000 loan, do you think it's worth? I found some bad reviews of CCC, but actually I know less about it. And I consider applying again for...
  7. Y

    Suffering from Indecision

    What's up fellas. I am at a loss for where to go. I've gained acceptance to 8 schools (American University, Boston University, DePaul, Emerson, Fordham, Syracuse, George Mason & VCU (both are in-state schools) I narrowed down my list to 3: American, Emerson, and Syracuse, although insight into...
  8. Emerson College

    Emerson College

    At Emerson’s Department of Visual and Media Arts, the process of transforming your vision into reality is fast-paced, exciting, and rewarding. You’ll dive right in and start working with talented mentors, collaborators, and crew members from day one. We're all about learning by doing. Is your...
  9. H

    Columbia College Chicago or Emerson College?

    I got accepted to both Columbia College Chicago and Emerson College. Still waiting for USC. So which will better?

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