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    LMU Vs Emerson

    I have recently been accepted to Loyola Marymount, under their screenwriting undergrad major, and Emerson, under their Film Production with a focus on writing for film and television undergrad major. I was wonder which of these school has a better reputation, academics , and staff?
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    LMU's Address

    Does anyone know Loyola Marymount University's address for Undergraduate Admissions? I sent in my transcript and for some reason, they haven't received it. It would really help if someone answered me asap because I want to send it out by next week. EDIT: Nevermind, LMU emailed me back.
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    LMU v. Emerson

    I have been accepted to both and am trying to decide between the two. I'd love to hear some opinions regarding each of the schools. Specifically, I am going for film production hoping to become a director. If anyone could offer insight into how the programs compare please let me know. Thanks
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    LMU vs Chapman

    I have been accepted as a screenwriting major at both LMU and Chapman. Does LMU have a good reputation? Is one better than the other? Thank you for any information you can provide.
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    columbia vs LMU

    hey guys. can anyone offer some input as to what would be a better choice...columbia college chicago or loyola marymount university in LA. thanks a lot.
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    Chapman vs. Nyu vs. Lmu

    I got accepted to these three screenwriting programs. I know there is already a similar thread regarding USC, but I called them and they said at the cinema writing divsion their decision would not have mattered because the regular school did not admit me first... I'm guessing this was grade...
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    What are my chances of USC, UCLA, Chapman, LMU?

    Hi, I'm looking to be a Film Production major at USC, UCLA, Chapman, or Loyola Marymount, and am wondering what my chances of getting in are. My junior year GPA was a 4.67, I got a 2220 on the SAT, I'm the top of my class, President of my choral group, and won the Performing Arts award at my...

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