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  1. TorrianR

    Admitted After Interview Feirstein MFA - Screenwriting Fall 2020

  2. Patrick Clement

    Fifth Year Columbia U Directing MFA (& KU Alum) ASQUEMIENETHENGUE

    I've been pretty active in the forums since my application year. I'm going to take all of my threads and repost them here and happy to answer any new questions!
  3. Brooklyn College (CUNY) Feirstein  - MFA in Directing

    Brooklyn College (CUNY) Feirstein - MFA in Directing

    Directing is part art and part craft but mostly imagination. It requires organizational skills, discipline, leadership and collaboration. To be an effective director, all these pieces must cohere in service of projecting a compelling story on the screen. As a directing student you will learn all...
  4. Brooklyn College (CUNY) Feirstein - MFA in Screenwriting

    Brooklyn College (CUNY) Feirstein - MFA in Screenwriting

    Brooklyn College’s MFA in Screenwriting program focuses on the art of storytelling and the ideas that inspire it. In addition to writing workshops, students take classes in cinema history as well as production and post-production to understand the broader goals of filmmaking and form...
  5. 1886

    Film Location Avail-- NY State 1886 Huge Victorian House on 5 Acres

    Hello! I work in film in Los Angeles, and just bought a property near Buffalo in NY state. Huge main house built in 1886, 8 bedrooms with 9 fireplaces on 3 finished levels. Original wood paneling and stained glass windows on 5 acres of lawns & woods, also includes a smaller 1860s cottage...
  6. Buffalo State (SUNY) - Television and Film Arts

    Buffalo State (SUNY) - Television and Film Arts

    Buffalo State has produced a number of graduates who have pursued highly successful careers in the entertainment industry. These alums stay in close contact with their alma mater—regularly supporting the college's programs, activities, and students. Television and Film Arts majors are prepared...
  7. B

    Sarah Lawrence College's Filmmaking, Screenwriting & Media Arts Program

    Are you a current student at Sarah Lawrence College studying in the Filmmaking, Screenwriting & Media Arts Program? Tell us what you think! If you're a prospective student, post your questions here!

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