1. L

    Northwestern MFA Writing for the Screen and Stage 2021

    Curious if anyone else applied to this program for Fall 2021?? It doesn't seem to be particularly popular on here, but it's so exciting to me!
  2. DarynRobinson

    Attending (Admitted After Interview) Northwestern MFA Writing for Screen and Stage

  3. Y

    Which school is better for film: Northwestern or Barnard

    Hi everyone! I'm an international high school rising senior who wants to become a director in the industry. I want to study film in college, and I want to attend a school that has internship opportunities with Hollywood industry professionals so that I will be able to network with them for my...
  4. JoanCrawford

    Is It Possible to Be Denied After a Waitlist?

    I was waitlisted for Northwestern back in mid-March, and got an update to my application email in my inbox this morning. I was rejected? I've never heard of someone getting rejected off of a waitlist? I've already committed elsewhere, but I find it odd. Has this happened to anyone else in the...
  5. GoodluckPatricia

    Northwestern Documentary Media MFA 2020

    Hey all, i just wonder if anyone applied to this program this year? Good luck to all!
  6. GoodluckPatricia

    Northwestern Documentary Media VS NYU News&Doc 2020; Need help!

    Hi guys, I just got acceptance from Northwestern Documentary Media(MFA) and NYU News&Doc(MA). I can't make a decision among these two and really got a headache T.T... NEED your opinions!! And does anyone once apply to/ study right now at Northwestern's documentary program? It seems this program...
  7. nanaxavier

    Admitted (After Interview) Northwestern - MFA Writing for the Screen and Stage 2020

  8. JoanCrawford

    Northwestern Writing for Screen and Stage Fall 2020

    By golly, I'm making this thread so that I can provide some basic information about this program. I'm about to have my interview and I don't know what they're going to ask me. I'll update this post about my preparation and interview once it happens. Hopefully, someone out in the deep blue...
  9. fatima

    northwestern screenwriting MFA or wait for next application cycle for UCLA and UT austin?

    Hi everyone, Need some guidance.. So due to personal reasons, I wasn't able to apply to UCLA and UT Austin during this cycle. I've been researching Northwestern and it looks like the screenwriting program at Northwestern is amazing. The only thing is I never really imagined myself in Chicago...
  10. E

    USC v Northwestern Screenwriting

    I’ve committed to USC, but somewhat out of the blue got accepted to northwestern this past week and they’ve offered me a scholarship. It’s not full tuition, but it’s going to be a lot less debt than USC, which is obviously a major concern of mine. USC really sold their connections (both to the...
  11. smooshie

    Denied (w/o Interview) Northwestern - Writing for Screen and Stage 2015

  12. D

    Denied (w/o Interview) Northwestern - Writing for the Screen and Stage 2016

  13. IndecisiveElle

    Waitlisted (w/o Interview) Northwestern - Writing for the Screen and Stage 2016

    Email stating cohort was full but that my application was open if someone dropped out; unoffical waitlist type status
  14. Solomon_E

    Denied (After Interview) Northwestern - Writing for the Screen and Stage 2016

    10 min Skype interview with 5 professors.
  15. W

    Admitted (After Interview) Northwestern - Writing for the Screen and Stage 2016

  16. A

    Admitted (After Interview) Northwestern - Writing for the Screen and Stage 2016

    Skype interview - 10 min w/ 5 professors - decision sent first via email, then a phone call a few hours later
  17. I

    Admitted (After Interview) Northwestern - Documentary 2016

    Email Notification to check portal then follow up email with specifics and aid package
  18. A

    Waitlisted (w/o Interview) Northwestern - Documentary Media 2016

  19. Carmen

    Boston University vs. Syracuse vs. Northwestern

    I'm looking at schools to apply to for undergrad. I'm looking at Newhouse specifically for Syracuse. Which school is better for film and tv production but also just in general (environment, people, job opportunities, etc.)?
  20. Northwestern MFA Writing for the Screen and Stage

    Northwestern MFA Writing for the Screen and Stage

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