1. R

    Backup plans for screenwriters and/or directors?

    Hi everyone! Trying to put this not pessimistically, but what are people's backup plans if they don't get accepted? Or perhaps where would be a good place to get entry level work? What kind of jobs should I be taking or connections should I be making if I don't get in? Should I immediately be...
  2. N

    Can I talk about a two-person collaboration in my USC Film Production app?

    The prompt for the collaboration written piece asks us to "describe a project that you worked on with multiple collaborators that left you feeling proud and fulfilled." Are they strict with how many collaborators a project had? I have a project I'm very proud of and would like to talk about but...
  3. R

    Seeking advice. Law school to film school?

    First time post - sorry if I'm violating any sort of etiquette here. I'm currently a law student at a decently high-ranked school, not in LA or NYC. I'm realizing that I think my major motivation for going to law school was to feel properly "educated" after an unimpressive undergrad experience...
  4. Chris W

    Questions that you'd like to ask Current Film Students?

    Doing some more interviews with current students soon. What questions would you like to ask them? Here are some questions I already have ready. What's your day in the life? How much to you collaborate with your peers? What do you wish you knew before you started? What's your favorite thing...
  5. F

    A few questions regarding Film School

    Hey, I'm sorry if I bother you. Let me introduce myself first. I'm from Germany and I am lately considering applying to US Filmschools. Because I am from Germany a lot of things are very unfamiliar to me. First of all, do you know whether you have to take the SAT (as an International Student)...
  6. AtBRareform

    How detrimental is it to not have a recent body of work?

    I graduated undergrad in 2016 with a Film BFA. I've applied to a few of the MFA programs talked about on here twice since then, but I haven't had any luck. I haven't really been involved in any film-related projects since undergrad, and I'm just wondering if I'm setting myself up for failure...
  7. Q

    Film studies program???

    Hi there! I'm currently a science major freshman in college, and I'm thinking of transferring to the other schools and shifts my major to film studies. I just have some questions here. so please give me some infos/advices if you have any :) 1, Besides film studies, it seems like I'll be...

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