1. L

    Admitted (After Interview) Syracuse Directing

  2. S

    Where should I go to Film School for Undergrad?

    Trying to decide among my final 4 for film production DePaul Syracuse Rutgers University of Arizona I like each for different reasons, so if anyone has particular knowledge of these institutions, specially regarding the learning environment, quality of their production program and facilities...
  3. S

    Columbia college chicago vs. Syracuse VPA MFA Film

    Hi everyone! I wanted to post this to see if anyone can share some information or personal experience with these programs. I need to decide between Columbia college's MFA in Directing Cinema & Television and Syracuse VPA MFA program in Film. They are very different programs, and I am having...
  4. B

    Should I go to Syracuse university? or Depaul university?

    Hi! I applied 5 schools for the fall 2021 MFA program (Chapman, UT, LMU, Depaul, Syracuse) Gratefully, I got acceptance from Syracuse (and waiting for Depaul, waitlist on LMU, else I got rejected )but I don't have much information about their film program. I love to take fiction films and...
  5. N

    Applied Syracuse mfa

  6. clairebarnett

    Applied Syracuse - Film MFA Fall 2021

  7. N

    Chapman University vs Syracuse University

    Hey, i'm a junior in highschool and im looking into colleges/ applying. I want to get my master in film production because im looking to become a director. Can anyone tell me what collge has a better film program for aspiring directors between Syracuse and Chapman? Much appreciated
  8. B

    Can you recommend me which is the best MFA film school? (From S.Korea, Can't search information well:(

    Hi I am looking for to enroll MFA film school emphasizing directing Hope you guys make rank for me University List 1. UCLA (I know for 2021 they don't accept people :( 2. USC 3. Chapman University 4. LMU 5. University of Texas at Austin 6. Stony Brook 7. Syracuse Stony Brook and Syracuse...
  9. D

    Chapman University Production Design or Syracuse Television, Radio, and Film

    I got accepted to Chapman University Production Design graduate program for Fall 2020 and Syracuse Newhouse School's Television, Radio, and Film Program. I'm not sure which I should go to. Syracuse is more affordable and still has a great program, but I don't know if spending almost double for...
  10. jn0pe

    Denied (w/o Interview) Syracuse - Film MFA 2020

  11. riddhoroy

    Applied Syracuse University MFA in Film Production

  12. ClockworkedOrange

    Decision Time - Syracuse University or Ithaca College?

    Hello, I am a senior in high school and have been accepted into three reputable film programs; two in upstate New York, Syracuse University and Ithaca College. Both schools offered compelling financial incentives, and I am essentially left to determine the quality of their respective programs...
  13. Y

    Suffering from Indecision

    What's up fellas. I am at a loss for where to go. I've gained acceptance to 8 schools (American University, Boston University, DePaul, Emerson, Fordham, Syracuse, George Mason & VCU (both are in-state schools) I narrowed down my list to 3: American, Emerson, and Syracuse, although insight into...
  14. Canny Yen

    Applied Syracuse Film MFA 2019

  15. A

    Interviewed Syracuse - Directing 2016

  16. J

    Denied (w/o Interview) Syracuse - Directing 2016

  17. seok

    Admitted (After Interview) Syracuse - Directing 2016

  18. seok

    Syracuse Film MFA Fall 2019

    Hi all, My name is Seok and I'm currently in my third year doing MFA in Film at Syracuse University (Transmedia VPA). It's a pretty neat program with amazing faculty and people. We are generally more geared to independent films and the MFA program admits between 5-8 people per year. I know film...
  19. thejosh

    UCLA (got an interview), Syracuse, CSUN, and CSUF Fall 2018 Applicant

    Hello everyone! I'm excited to be on this site, and reading through the threads has been a genuinely enlightening experience. Thank you to all the contributors! As my title indicates, I applied to the MFA Screenwriting Programs for UCLA, CSU Northridge, and CSU Fullerton, and I applied for...

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