television (writing/producing)

  1. emski94

    Interviewed Loyola Marymount

  2. S

    Applied LMU - Writing & Producing for TV - Fall 2020

    First time applying and don't think this is my strongest application of the 4 I submitted, but it's done and now I don't know what do do with myself without a mountain of material to go write after work. Happen to have strained ligaments in my hand (or something, TBD) - not the best time to have...
  3. I

    Admitted Off Waitlist Chapman University - Television Writing & Producing 2019

    First time applying. I was notified via email of an invitation for an on-campus interview and tour. They also offered Skype as an option. The available dates to choose from were Mon., Tues., or Wed. within one to two weeks out from the date of notification. I've chosen to make the trip out for...
  4. Gaurav Kumar

    Interested solely in writing for television (half hour comedies). Can you recommend some schools?

    Hi all, Like i mentioned in the title, i am deeply interested in writing for television. Can you guys recommend some schools? From my research i have LMU, Chapman, LIU as some of the schools that offer an MFA in television writing and producing, which sounds great. Do you know of any other...
  5. yellowbeauregard

    Admitted Without Interview BU - Television (Writing/Producing)

    Email - scholarship offer included
  6. A

    Attending BU - Television (Writing/Producing) 2017

    Email - scholarship and assistantship offer included