1. G

    How does the summer start date work at NYU Tisch for undergrad film as a transfer student?

    Hello! I'm currently a junior at a cal state and I will be applying for transfer to NYU's undergraduate Film and TV program. I'm a little confused about the dates for applying and subsequent start date. Since I would be an external transfer, my deadline for the application is April 1st. However...
  2. F

    Associates Degree? Colorado Film School

    Looking for a cost-conscious undergrad program and came across the associates degree program at Colorado Film school in Denver. I'm curious about the program, in particular, but also, has anyone here had experience with transferring from a community college with an associates to a BA/BS/BFA...
  3. LeNoc

    Denied (After Interview) USC Film production - Transfer applicant

    Really enjoyed the interview. Casual and honest around art, life, shows, and my application writing and visual submission.
  4. LeNoc

    Denied (w/o Interview) NYU Film Production - 2021 Transfer

  5. LeNoc

    Denied (w/o Interview) LMU film production - transfer 2021

    First time
  6. LeNoc

    Attending (Off Waitlist After Interview) UCLA - Film production - 2021 transfer

    First time applying. Enjoyed the interview. Waitlist hurts a little. Tell me if you know anyone getting out of it in film (as its only 15 places available) edit: Got out of it! Very happy, I am a Bruin now
  7. G

    Transferring from UNCSA?

    So I've just finished my second year at UNCSA and was accepted into the screenwriting program for next year. I think UNCSA is a good school, but to me the screenwriting classes haven't really taught me anything beyond basic story structure. While I've learned a lot about film, I can't help but...
  8. S

    What to wear for UCLA skype interview

    Hi all! I was recently emailed about being selected for a skype interview for UCLA. I'm freaking out about what to wear, though. I've read that skype interviews are pretty laid back, but I haven't heard how people have dressed for theirs. Casual or business casual? Also, what type of questions...
  9. N

    Anyone know how many transfers get interviewed by UCLA?

    Hi, so I got an email the other day from UCLA saying I have an interview which is super exciting!! I’ve been trying to figure out how many people get this chance? Is it like top 50? I’ve been trying to search all over but I couldn’t say for sure.
  10. T

    I want to transfer into UCLA for my film undergrad. What classes should I take after I finish my GE?

    College noob here. I feel like this is such a basic question, yet for some reason I'm having a really hard time figuring it out. The Assist website shows the classes that transfer to UCLA for most other majors, but for Film it's blank. My understanding is that you don't actually start film...
  11. Tiger

    UCLA 2015/2016 Decisions

    Hey all, I just finished my transfer app to UCLA for next fall 2015. I'm already anxiously waiting to hear back, and thought I'd start a thread for people to check in. I saw people doing it for 2014 and 2013, seems like a good way to pass the time til decisions are made.
  12. S

    Transfer Applicants (It's happening again!)

    Hi Filmies! So once again the challenge of applying to film schools is happening (yikes!), I'm a sophomore at FSU (not their film school) and am working on film applications. When I applied originally for undergrad, I applied to FSU, USC, Chapman and NYU. I got no's from all but at USC I got...

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