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  1. Z

    Admitted After Interview USC MFA Film - Spring 2021

  2. N

    Chapman University vs Syracuse University

    Hey, i'm a junior in highschool and im looking into colleges/ applying. I want to get my master in film production because im looking to become a director. Can anyone tell me what collge has a better film program for aspiring directors between Syracuse and Chapman? Much appreciated
  3. CHAPMAN FILM SCHOOL STUDENT PROFILE: Danni (aka IndecisiveElle) Directing MFA

    CHAPMAN FILM SCHOOL STUDENT PROFILE: Danni (aka IndecisiveElle) Directing MFA

    “Film School is still Graduate School... you're still getting a master's and there's still traditional work that has to be done. And a lot of people just thought like, oh well I’ll just come here and make a bunch of movies.” Danni sitting with camera in kitchen - for her very first assignment...
  4. Deb F

    Admitted Without Interview ArtCenter-Graduate Film

  5. mistah_P

    Question about “Fit” for MFA in Screenwriting and/or Directing programs

    Hey guys, I wanted to hit up all the collective wisdom and knowledge on this incredible site, to get a handle on figuring out my fit with film schools. As I read through all the profiles, results and tips on this site and prepare my thoughts for a probable application this year, I wanted to...
  6. F

    Age for applications

    Hi everyone, I need some advise regarding the applications, especially about age. My name is Paulina, I am 34 years old, I'm from Latin America and this is my story: I applied in 2013 to the Directing Programs in NYU and UCLA, I have interviews for both, but I didn't get in. I applied again in...
  7. EclecticMel21

    Columbia University MFA Film : FALL 2017

    Hey all, I hope everybody who celebrates Thanksgiving had a wonderful holiday. The application deadline is a few short days away so I wanted to create a thread for those of us interested in the Columbia MFA film program. It would be great to have folks to talk to during the next couple of...
  8. Brooklyn College (CUNY) Feirstein  - MFA in Directing

    Brooklyn College (CUNY) Feirstein - MFA in Directing

    Directing is part art and part craft but mostly imagination. It requires organizational skills, discipline, leadership and collaboration. To be an effective director, all these pieces must cohere in service of projecting a compelling story on the screen. As a directing student you will learn all...

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