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  1. Patrick Clement

    Portfolio Film (as of 2/18) Accepted - Austin, Interviews - AFI, NYU, Columbia

    Wanted to share my singular Directing MFA video portfolio item. I submitted only this film (or portions of the film) as my portfolios. As of today (4/19/16) I have had: Acceptances Austin Columbia Waitlist NYU AFI Interviews NYU AFI Columbia Just as a note, I am not a very strong academic...
  2. Lucky Director

    MFA Financing: Anyone have leads on what each school offers?

    Tuition waivers, stipends . . . .
  3. L

    Accepted at SCAD and UNCSA; pros and cons? Thanks in advance

    My daughter is accepted in both Film programs, now she has to choose: Does anyone go to either of these programs? Any alums here? Savannah College of Art and Design and University of N Carolina School of the Arts We found the SCAD campus tour to be excellent, the facilities look amazing...
  4. D

    MA in Cinema/Critical Studies

    Hello fellow film lovers! I'm currently an upcoming senior at USC who is finishing up a degree in Psychology. Now, you're probably wondering why the hell did I not go into the film school, right? Well, I just simply did not want to study it here. I got into the Critical Studies program when I...
  5. soniccanvasdesign

    Help with your film and demo reel

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to drop a line to let you guys know about Sonic Canvas Design. Sonic Canvas Design is a media company operated by myself. my name is David Mesiha and I'm a music composer | Sound Designer. I have extensive experience composing music and designing sound for video...
  6. K

    MFA in Screenwriting: Chapman VS UCLA

    Hey guys. I'd love to hear some opinions on Chapman's program vs UCLA's program. After touring Chapman, I'm impressed by all the opportunity to have your work produced, which UCLA doesn't offer to the same degree, but I have a feeling UCLA's a higher caliber of writing...lots of pros and cons...
  7. A

    What should I do?

    Hi everyone! I'm 18 and I'm from Italy, I'm searching for a film school in London. Could someone help me to understand the differences between undergraduate/graduate/diploma/ecc...? Here in Italy is total different! I'm so confused! (sorry for my bad english :D )
  8. J

    International studie project!

    Hi! My name is Jula Steen and i'm a Dutch film student. I'm in my second year of MIC (Media, Information and communication) My specification is moviemaking/directing. I have to make a video about the differences between the Dutch movie culture, and the movie culture outside of Holland. So...
  9. D

    Art Institute (Nashville)

    I'm thinking of applying to A.I. of Nashville for film making. Has any one gone through the program? I'd appreciate any feedback. -please only reply if you have attended for film making-
  10. C

    Trouble Logging In to AFI Application

    Hey everyone! Has anyone else had trouble logging in to AFI's online application AFTER submitting? I'm not sure if this is supposed to happen or if there is an error. I wanted to check in on my letters of recommendation status, but I'm getting this error message: The system was unable to...
  11. D

    NYU, USC, & LMU

    NYU, USC, & LMU I am hoping to get into the screenwriting programs at these schools, but want to know what my chances of getting in are. If anyone is currently a part of any of these programs could you give me some information on how you got in (GPA, ACT, experience, and classes)? Thank you so much!
  12. Dain Kabowaski

    Is Calarts worth the debt?

    Hi everyone! I recently was accepted into, and put down my deposit on Calarts film school next year, but I got a rather lame financial aid package and I will end up going about 37k into debt every year If I stay at Calarts all 4 years I'll come out of school around 150k in debt. Personally...

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