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  1. rainydays

    Feedback on Personal Statement Draft? USC Film and Television Production MFA

    Hi everyone! I'm applying to USC for a film and television production MFA, and I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me some feedback on my personal statement? I'm a bit nervous because while it is really authentic, I'm afraid I may be pushing it to far. I'd really appreciate some...
  2. A

    Attending USC - MFA Film and TV Production Fall 2020

    We ended up conversing for almost 40 minutes and I really thought we would only get to talk 30 minutes max. I think I'll just put a summary of what happened in the interview and my insights on it so that maybe it might help someone out here. It's very interesting how our conversation went...
  3. Miles

    Admitted After Interview SCAD - MFA Film and Television 2015

    Expedited Admission, With two Scholarships
  4. ElleGee

    Chapman MFA Writing Prompt HELP

    Hi All! First time poster, here! I'm in the process of applying to Chapman's Television Writing and Producing program, but I'm stuck on the writing prompt "In no more than two (2) pages. Describe a television episode about your family. Is it a comedy or a drama? Who is the main character and...
  5. NAR91

    JD/MFA Producer Track

    I saw an outdated post from 2009 about whether or not it's beneficial to get a JD and MFA in Film & Television production. Everyone was saying you should choose either one or the other, and I can't help but disagree. There are many competent producers with a JD and one might argue, they may have...
  6. Rochester Institute of Technology (R.I.T.) - Graduate Film and Animation (MFA)

    Rochester Institute of Technology (R.I.T.) - Graduate Film and Animation (MFA)

    The film and animation MFA is a three-year program designed to educate complete filmmakers. Rather than narrow vocational training, you will learn the artistic, narrative, technical, historical, and business aspects of whatever form you choose during your first two years, and then create a...
  7. LMU - Film & Television Production (M.F.A.)

    LMU - Film & Television Production (M.F.A.)

    In the Film & Television Production program, students gain experience in the crucial leadership role of director/producer/writer, with an emphasis on experiential learning. You can stress narrative or documentary production and are encouraged to explore both. Students are required to shoot three...
  8. UCLA TFT - Production/Directing (M.F.A.)

    UCLA TFT - Production/Directing (M.F.A.)

    The UCLA Master of Fine Arts degree in production with an emphasis in directing is a three- to four-year program designed to develop artists in film, television and digital media. For more than half a century we have trained students in all the arts and crafts of media production while expanding...
  9. Ohio University School of Film

    Ohio University School of Film

    The Ohio University School of Film is dedicated to providing an educational environment of creativity, diversity and excellence in which talented, motivated and disciplined students can examine and develop the art and craft of the motion picture as an art form, educational tool and a dynamic...
  10. Deondra Edwards

    The New Guy

    What's good everyone, I'm Deondra Edwards from St. Louis, MO. I'll be graduating this May from Virginia State University and I was recently denied acceptance drom USC Television and Production program. I wanted to know from the people who applied there and was denied the first time but was...
  11. J

    I need advice about USC

    A few weeks ago, I was accepted into USC for the Critical Studies MA. Just this week, I learned I also got in for the Film/TV Production MFA. It seems I've come to a point where I'm torn between both programs, as I really enjoy and have a background in the critical side to film (theory, history...
  12. bri

    Course Structure USC and NYU

    Hi there, Quick question. Any of you guys know the course structure of USC and NYU's MFA programs? I was looking up online. So far I gather that NYU works on five films during the program. What about USC? Will there be mandatory placements during the programs in both schools? I am hoping to do...
  13. F

    USC Spring 2014 MFA Applicants (Film & TV)

    Hello everyone! I'm new to posting in the forums, but have been dabbling in it for a while doing grad school research. Since there's no thread for those applying for the Spring 2014 USC's MFA Film & TV Production program, we might as well start the conversation!

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