1. L

    SFSU or ACCD ?

    Hey guys, I was accepted by these two schools but I am wondering which school should I go to. Could anyone give me some advice or anyone knows about SFSU's MFA Cinema program? I'm more interested in this school because of its low tuition fee ( Seems like the cheapest one in the TOP 25 film school.
  2. jn0pe

    Declined Admission After Interview SFSU - Cinema MFA 2020

  3. triplefour

    Waitlisted Without Interview SFSU - MFA in Cinema Fall 2020

  4. A

    Applied SFSU - Graduate Film 2016

  5. J

    Admitted Without Interview SFSU - Graduate Film 2016

  6. Danial Khan

    CSUN and SFSU: Good Schools for Film Production?

    I have applied to NYU, LMU, CalArts, Syracuse and SCAD but because these universities are very expensive and I'll have to pay a big chunk of myself to afford the tuition, I am thinking of applying to relatively cheaper universities and I came through CSUN (California State University North...
  7. San Francisco State University - School of Cinema (M.F.A.)

    San Francisco State University - School of Cinema (M.F.A.)

    Our MFA program offers rigorous, professional training in cinema production in conjunction with an understanding of cinema history, theory and aesthetics. The faculty supports production practice in diverse forms – narrative, experimental, documentary, animation, or hybrid, and our graduate...
  8. Chris W

    San Francisco State University - School of Cinema (M.F.A.)

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Film School San Francisco State University - School of Cinema (M.F.A.). Please add to the discussion here.
  9. S

    Need information about SFSU

    hi everyone! I got admitted to sfsul's MFA Cinema program recently but I still hesitate to make the decision. If I choose this program, am I able to broaden my social network on campus? Is there plenty of facilities for me to make a short film? In the end, compared to FSU or ACCD, can SFSU be...
  10. S

    Anybody get updated from SFSU?

    I applied SFSU's Film graduate program but receive no replies. Anybody get admitted?
  11. Chris W

    San Francisco State University - School of Cinema

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Film School San Francisco State University - School of Cinema. Please add to the discussion here.
  12. M

    Best "safety" school? Help a newbie.

    I'm only going into my junior year this fall, but am constantly researching film schools as filmmaking is my passion. I'd really like to go to a great academic school, whether that means a small liberal arts college or a big school like UCLA. I worry about getting into schools like NYU, USC, and...
  13. Q

    Emerson College vs SFSU

    Hey guys! I am admitted by Emerson Collge (Media Art) and San Francisco State University (Cinema). Can anyone here give me some advices about which one is better to study filmmaking? I have to make final decision in this week and it really drives me crazy! I know that Emerson has great...
  14. S

    San Francisco State University

    Hello, I was admitted to SFSU's MFA in Cinema program,and was wondering if anyone out there went to the school and could recommend it or not. Of if anyone else has been accepted and is thinking about going. Thanks!
  15. E

    Information about San Francisco state university?

    Hi i completed my bachelor degree in Film/Animation here in Germany. Now I'm looking for a masters program in the us preferably in the field of production/directing. I saw that the SanFrancisco State University is relatively affordable and offers a cinema course. Im a bit worried that this...
  16. P

    csulb vs sfsu

    I have been accepted into the csulb production option. However i would like to know more about the sfsu program. Does anyone have more information about the sfsu "advance production pool". btw- I've heard really good things about SFSU's masters program. Is this the same for their undergrad...
  17. C


    Has anyone heard anything good or bad about the film program at San Francisco State University? How is the school overall? Is it a nice campus?
  18. R

    San Francisco State University?

    How is the film school at SFSU rated/ranked? Whenever I google the school and search for top film schools, I don't really see SFSU on the list? Why is that? I looked at their site and they seem to have a pretty good film department....plus SFSU is in California which should be a plus? I mean...
  19. B

    BU, SFSU, FSU, Anyone accepted here?

    Hi all, I'm new to the boards and have noticed a lot of people are at some of the larger, or better schools. I have applied to the 3 schools on the subject line. I decided pretty late this year that I wanted to go, so I missed the deadlines for USC, UCLA and NYU, plus my undergrad is in...

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