1. T

    What kind of portfolio should I prepare?

    As in my previous thread I asked about the Film schools i should be looking for , I wanna know what kind of portfolio should I prepare as I havent worked in the industry before and only have experience with two short films. I have screenplay for two more but thats about it. I also have shot...
  2. G

    Which community college is the best for transfering to USC film school?

    I'm mainly going to focus on finishing my G.E but since I'm a international student all the c.c info from google seems like an ad :( I want to take film making classes too(NOT MEDIA) for some extra experience, so I would really appreciate the recommendation & other info
  3. BuddernScotch

    How I Got In To Film School: Application / Interview Process Information and AMA

    (As with all information, take with grain of NaCl) Hello there potential filmschool applicants! The application / interview process can be stressful and confusing. Information online is scattered around in bits and are often third hand or from a decade ago. You may feel like you're trying to...
  4. J

    Studying Film at UCSD vs. UCI?

    Hello. I am very interested in going into the field of film production, and I applied to several film schools. I narrowed my choices down to UCSD's "Visual Arts-Media" program and UCI's "Film and Media Studies". The problem I am currently facing is that I can not really make up my mind on a...
  5. ClockworkedOrange

    Decision Time - Syracuse University or Ithaca College?

    Hello, I am a senior in high school and have been accepted into three reputable film programs; two in upstate New York, Syracuse University and Ithaca College. Both schools offered compelling financial incentives, and I am essentially left to determine the quality of their respective programs...
  6. justin

    How smart do you need to be to go to film school?

    Hi, I'm currently a junior in high school in California. The college admission processes are coming by soon. Obviously, the college admission process is completely unpredictable (lori, cough cough) but I would like to know how hard is it to be accepted into a film school (yes, I know each school...
  7. Sunmin Inn

    USC, was it worth it?

    Hey Everyone! I'm currently a soon-to-be USC MFA student in a few months, and crazy enough, I'm still debating on whether or not I should go. Of course I've heard from people that you don't really need film school, and since I'd been working in animated films I had plenty of resources to...
  8. J

    Looking for some guidance with film school

    I graduated with a Bachelor's degree a few years back in a major totally unrelated to film. I'm looking to go back to school for film but need some guidance on where to look! Since I have a degree, I'm not sure where I should be applying or looking. I live in Long Beach, so CSULB would be a...
  9. IndecisiveElle

    What would help you apply to Undergraduate Film School?

    Chris has recently given me the opportunity to write articles for our wonderful forum as a site contributor. What kind of articles would you find helpful as undergrad students and applications? I have an article planned with an undergrad student who's graduating this semester from a small...
  10. patchoooli

    Film School VS No Film School

    If anyone wants to debate the pros and cons of gaining a film school education vs, say, the value of working your way up on set ...heres a thread for you to have that debate.
  11. D

    New York Film Academy ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

    Hey everybody, first of all, this is not a thread on weather or not to go to film school. I have made the decision to go (basically to make as much stuff as possible without having to call up friends or shooting my dog etc)... and yes, i know that this is a thing that have been touched upon...
  12. O

    A service for film school applicants?

    I was wondering whether there is a service out there that helps you research film schools/apply to them? I've been looking into going to film school for a long time, but the task of looking into all the different schools, weighing the pro's and cons and putting together a budget/plan always...

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