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  1. Refraction (LMU)

    Refraction (LMU)

    After the light bulb on her film projector burns out, an elderly woman must confront a nightmarish world as well as the trauma of her past as she seeks to find a replacement before her memories are lost forever.
  2. E

    Final Deadline for entry to the 2021 Edinburgh Short Film Festival: June 21st!

    Featuring the best short films of 2021 at international film festivals Our 10th anniversary edition in November with extra screenings, awards and new International Showcases screening in November 2021! We're also awarding prizes for Best Film, Best Animation and Best Scottish Short AND...
  3. rainydays

    Filming During Covid-19? Not Enough Family Members to be Actors. 2021 Film Production MFA Applications

    Hi everyone! I have a bit of a bizarre question. I'm applying for various film production MFA programs (USC, NYU, Columbia, Chapman, LMU) and as a result need to film content for their applications. Do people think the people reviewing my applications will judge me harshly for having only a...
  4. E

    Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2020 Now Open For Entries!

    The ESFF 2020 will be our tenth anniversary edition and we're celebrating with extra screenings, more events, awards, trophies and parties! Discount Codes available for student film-makers! We're also holding International Short Film Showcases and Film Festival Partnerships with Film Festivals...
  5. U

    How important is it to meet the portfolio film TRT time limit?

    If I can tell my story in significantly less time (because I’m using the same short film for multiple applications with different time limits) will it look bad if I am significantly under the time limit (ie 2 minute video for a prompt that has a 5 min maximum)?
  6. L

    UCLA Production/ Directing FALL 2020

    Hey guys! I'm stating my college application for UCLA MFA in Production/Directing. They are asking me to write a 2 page treatment for a short film. Can you give me any tips to write it? What kind of stories are they looking for? What do they expect from it? More describing, more interesting...
  7. stlawrencefilm

    Call for Entries - SLIFF Online

    SLIFF Online is presented by St. Lawrence International Film Festival EACH MONTH to discover and promote the best short films in the world. We curate the finest short films, videos, webseries, music videos for our discerning audience of film professionals and fans all over the world. With some...
  8. M

    Looking for a film school offering a short practical film making / cinematography course

    Hey guys, I am looking for a film school offering short film making courses, something that lasts about 12 weeks - 6 months, I need something I could use as an introduction / foundation before applying for an actual film school. The plan is to use the short course to gain experience and after...
  9. andy001

    How do graduate programs feel about comedic shorts?

    Hi everyone! So I'm beginning the film school process this spring, and naturally I'm getting critical of my portfolio. In particular, there is a mockumentary I directed that I'm curious how admissions officers will take. Nothing too explicit but there are a number of swear words (I also have a...
  10. E

    Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2019 Now Open For Entry! International Tours & Cash Awards

    Featuring the best short films of 2019 at international film festivals We're screening 8 nights of short film at cinemas across Edinburgh in 2019 Presenting awards and trophies for the best films selected by our jury for Best Film, & Best Animation & Best Scottish Short! This year, we're...
  11. TheWaywardFest

    Call for entries: The Wayward Festival

    Hey guys – it’s great to meet y'all. I just wanted to let you know about The Wayward Festival. We are dedicated to providing a platform for “outside the box” storytelling, with an emphasis on diversity and inclusivity. Our fest is 7 days of Hollywood fun – with online streaming, if LA is too...
  12. IndecisiveElle

    Short Film Production Blog Series/IndieGoGo

    Hey everyone! For those of you who might not know, I have a blog here on FilmSchool.Org. Right now I've been posting a series about the production process of my short film, Heads/Tails. The most recent update is about our crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. Please head over the blog section to...
  13. I did a thing - and you can too!

    I did a thing - and you can too!

    My last post was all about the develop, prep and shooting of my short film. For Heads/Tails process, the next phase has been our crowdfunding campaign. For most creatives, this is without a doubt, raising money can be the most nerve wracking aspect of the project. In my case, I know exactly how...
  14. You have to make it happen.

    You have to make it happen.

    We all want to make movies. We wouldn't be here if that wasn't the case. But making any movie, even a short can feel daunting no matter how much experience you have. Here's how I made my hopefully triumphant return to directing. I'll start from the very beginning... The Script - How did I...
  15. So you've been denied to grad school, now what?

    So you've been denied to grad school, now what?

    It's nearly the end of March and for the second year in a row, I have not received any acceptances for the MFA screenwriting programs I applied to. Of the 4 programs, currently I have two denials, one interview, and one I have not heard anything from. So now what? First, I admit to myself that...
  16. S

    Sundance Ignite "What's Next?" Film Challenge Now Open!

    Sundance Institute and Adobe’s Project 1324 have teamed up for a short film challenge to find the next generation’s boldest new voices. If you’re an aspiring filmmaker between the ages of 18 and 24, show us: “What’s Next?” Fifteen eligible winners will become Sundance Ignite Fellows, receiving...
  17. L

    How long were your short films?

    I'm looking to apply to all the major grad film programs in the U.S. and would like to know the length of your short submissions. Thanks!
  18. Haisu

    Carnegie Mellon University Short Film Competition Looking for Submissions

    Hi filmmakers! Are you looking for an opportunity to publicly showcase your filmmaking talents? Are you finding a chance to experiment with your style of filmmaking and receive feedback from critical, knowledgeable, and invested audiences? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions...
  19. D

    SVA's Live Action Short Film Program: NYC Ten Months, New York City, a Story and YOU The future is short. Short films are the future of storytelling. But only high-level production value and knowledge of the industry will ensure success. Our New York City-based 10-month program is structured simply: We...

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