1. andy001

    How will GPA affect my film school application?

    Hey all! So I’m getting ready to send my first big apps this fall, and one possibly by this month. I have a 3.18 gpa, I’m wondering how this will affect my application. I have a pretty decent portfolio (wrote/directed/edited/ produced seven short films to date) will my gpa be detrimental to this?
  2. Film School MFA Acceptance Rates, Minimum GPAs, Decision Dates, and more... (UPDATED with 2019 stats)

    Film School MFA Acceptance Rates, Minimum GPAs, Decision Dates, and more... (UPDATED with 2019 stats)

    People often ask "What is the minimum GPA for USC film school?" Or "What is the acceptance rate of NYU film school?" The problem is that Film Schools are often very tight lipped and secret about their acceptance rates and the minimum GPAs that they accept. However thanks to the over 2,000...
  3. Aqua

    Hi everyone, I need advice!

    So hi, I'm a rising senior studying communication with a minor in film studies. I had no intention of ever going to grad school but recently found myself with 10 tabs open of different grad sites and lists of grad programs through the US. So yea, I'm kinda worried because my first two years of...
  4. J

    USC film school graduate program

    Is there a undergraduate GPA requirement for USC Cinema Arts MFA?
  5. LilyMunster

    USC admits fall 16 stats

    Hi everyone, I am going to apply to usc for fall 2017(unless they have spring admissions for 2017; do they?). Anyway, if you were admitted to their mfa in writing for film/tv would you share your stats? Your gpa, etc. My gpa is a 3.48 and I just want to know if I have a chance. I was already...
  6. tormodnoreng

    Improving GPA?

    Hey everybody I graduated with a low gpa and desperately need to improve it. What can i do to improve it? I'm taking a GRE test in a few weeks, but are there other tests etc. that I can do to add onto my low gpa aswell?
  7. Rajesh Sharma

    Sophomore and need help to get on track to apply for film schools!

    Hi I'm a sophomore in high school, and I've wanted to make films since I was 7. I plan to apply to USC, UCLA, NYU, RISD, VCU, and similar schools with a focus on film. I'm currently anxious because I know that I have skill, but am afraid that my application will not look impressive enough and...
  8. B

    NYU Tisch MFA questions. Do I have a chance?

    Hey everyone, I just graduated with my bachelors and want to apply to the MFA dramatic writing program at Tisch. Before applying, I wanted to know if I even have a chance. I graduated from Northeastern with a duel in communications and international affairs. I transferred to northeastern after...
  9. itsarjun

    Queries about film school applications

    Hi everyone!! I am an international student.I will be applying to USC,NYU,SVA & AFI for Fall 2015(film production).Can you people give me some suggestions before i apply to these film schools? I have a few queries as well,please help me. -I was told a min undergrad gpa of 3.0 is required for...