1. L

    Which school is better to go into as a Film/Media Major? (UCSD,UCI,UCSC,CSULB,CSUN)

    I got accepted into UCSD (Visual art- Media), UCSC (Film and Media Practice), UCI (Film Studies), CSULB (Film Production), and CSUN (Cinema and TV- Multimedia Production). I am deciding on whether I should follow a path in Film production or in New Media and am hoping that these universities...
  2. K

    How's the Film program at San Diego State?

    Hi, I tried looking for answers to this question online but couldn't find much. What's the undergraduate film program like at SDSU? It isn't on any ranking lists, so is this due to poor marketing or just a poor program? I went and toured the school during their open house, and I liked...
  3. Cdemon

    CSUN Screenwriting MFA

    I have an odd question I’m hesitant to ask but haven’t found any info on. Do either of you, @micjagguar @Chris W , know anything about CSUN’s Screenwriting MFA- particularly if they have decent internship opportunities, how they teachers and workshops are and if you’ve ever heard anything “in...
  4. D

    California Film Schools, Pre reqs

    So, I will be going into film production / cinema-photography, possibly screenwriting, currently attending Columbia College in Sonora, California with little to no pre reqs available to take for just about any film major / degree to any schools here in California though I have / will have a...
  5. thejosh

    UCLA (got an interview), Syracuse, CSUN, and CSUF Fall 2018 Applicant

    Hello everyone! I'm excited to be on this site, and reading through the threads has been a genuinely enlightening experience. Thank you to all the contributors! As my title indicates, I applied to the MFA Screenwriting Programs for UCLA, CSU Northridge, and CSU Fullerton, and I applied for...
  6. A

    Chapman vs CSUN vs LMU for MFA Screenwriting

    Hi guys, I'm planning to apply to a film school for a MFA in Screenwriting, but I'm not interested in the big four (USC, UCLA, NYU, AFI) because they're too expensive and competitive. My plan is to build industry connections without going into a shit ton of debt. I know film school isn't...
  7. Danial Khan

    CSUN and SFSU: Good Schools for Film Production?

    I have applied to NYU, LMU, CalArts, Syracuse and SCAD but because these universities are very expensive and I'll have to pay a big chunk of myself to afford the tuition, I am thinking of applying to relatively cheaper universities and I came through CSUN (California State University North...
  8. Cal State Northridge (CSUN) - Department of Cinema of Television Arts

    Cal State Northridge (CSUN) - Department of Cinema of Television Arts

    With seven programs of study, CTVA offers unparalleled opportunities for academic and professional training in a richly diverse environment. Our faculty bring extensive professional experience to the classrooms, studios and labs, and are committed to instilling the knowledge, expertise...
  9. Chris W

    Cal State Northridge (CSUN) - Department of Cinema of Television Arts

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Film School Cal State Northridge (CSUN) - Department of Cinema of Television Arts. Please add to the discussion here.
  10. Cal State Northridge (CSUN) - MFA in Screenwriting Program

    Cal State Northridge (CSUN) - MFA in Screenwriting Program

    The Cal State University, Northridge MFA in Screenwriting program is an intensive course of study designed for both students seeking careers in screenwriting as well as those looking to teach screenwriting in a collegiate setting. Prospective students can gain further insight into the course...
  11. Chris W

    Cal State Northridge (CSUN) - MFA in Screenwriting Program

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Film School Cal State Northridge (CSUN) - MFA in Screenwriting Program. Please add to the discussion here.
  12. B


    Hey everyone! I got accepted into both Long Beach and Northridge and I was wondering if anyone has any experience at both campuses and could help me make my decsision? I'm interested in TV production mainly. I got into the Theory and Practice of Cinema and I know it's the less impacted one...
  13. M

    Best "safety" school? Help a newbie.

    I'm only going into my junior year this fall, but am constantly researching film schools as filmmaking is my passion. I'd really like to go to a great academic school, whether that means a small liberal arts college or a big school like UCLA. I worry about getting into schools like NYU, USC, and...
  14. D

    CSUN vs. UC Davis vs. UCSD

    Hello everyone, I'm an international student who applied to schools in California. I had to apply universities in hurry because I haven't actually thought much about majoring film. I recently got admitted to those three schools and I'm still thinking what is the best option. What I heard...
  15. S

    CSULB, CSUN, SDSU Portfolio

    Hi. I am currently a student at a CC and trying to transfer to CSULB, CSUN, CSUF, or SDSU, but I have no idea for my portfolio. I thought it is not hard to get into CSU schools, but maybe not for film major. Currently, I have 3.9 GPA. I have no experience in film making. Give me some advice...
  16. T

    any advice about lesser known UC/CSU film schools? UCSC vs. CSUN vs. CSUMB vs. HSU

    Hi everyone, I've been a longtime lurker here, but this will be my first post. I am looking to transfer to a UC/CSU film program from a CCC. I'm a dual citizen, have blotchy complicated foreign academic records, am about to turn 30, and female. I already know that UCLA and USC are the best out...
  17. E

    Hello? Any CSUN Students?

    I'm a transfer student from Mississippi who will be attending California State University, Northridge in the fall (2012) I'll be a senior majoring in a B.A., Cinema and Television Arts Minor in Theatre I don't plan to attend film school afterwards. I plan to network like crazy and create many...
  18. R

    CSUN vs. CSULB -Newly Accepted & 1st year Veterans

    Hey! I would like to refresh this debate, as the forum participants regarding these schools are a year or two old. I would like to hear the pros and cons from the NEWLY ACCEPTED and FIRST YEAR VETERANS of CAL STATE UNIVERSITY- NORTHRIDGE (CSUN) versus CAL STATE UNIVERSITY -LONG BEACH (CSULB)...
  19. J


    Hello. I got accepted to both CSU Long Beach and CSU Northridge and want to be a movie director. I've been to both schools, and it seems pretty obvious that CSUN has more funding, and better equipment. I live in Long Beach though, so CSULB would be an easy commute. I don't know if the amount...
  20. K

    CSULB/CSUN for out of staters

    Hey guys, I'm planning on applying to CSUN and CSULB's film production majors for Fall 2011 and was wondering if anybody had any information for a person coming from out of the state. I hear CSUs prioritize California residents for admissions, so I am looking for any help from people who...

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