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Chapman MFA Directing 2020

Chris W

Willem was robbed
Staff member
Just got the email too! I'm INNNN!!
Me too, I got in, I'm in Producing discipline😀
Hi, I’ve also been admitted in the Directing program. I’m also Taiwanese. :)
Wow congrats to everyone! I also got an email today accepting me into the Directing program! I'm so excited and I hope to see some of you in the Fall!
I got an email too! I was accepted into the editing program. :)

Congrats everyone! If you want the Chapman badge and access to the private Chapman forum (which was quite active last year) see this thread here:



I just got notified that I was rejected! A little disheartenin, but maybe i wouldnt have been a good fit for the school anyway. Still waiting to hear from UTA and Emerson where people have also already been accepted, so definitely concerning, but I'm not giving up hope!


I received my rejection, but I was accepted to other schools that were higher priority for me, so that's okay! Congrats to everyone who got in! And congrats to everyone who's going to their dream school!


Hi! Did you receive the fellowship notification directly from the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts? Thank you.
Yes! I first got an e-mail notifying me about receiving a scholarship and after a few hours I got the actual scholarship email with the amount/details and all of that.
Hey guys, I just asked Chapman admission a few questions related to the directing program.
Sharing with you if you need it:
  • There are about 15-18 students in each cohort and there are 3 cohorts (1st years, 2nd years, & 3rdyears)
  • We actually have 48% males and 52% females in the program
  • The approximate acceptance rate this year was 16% for Directing alone


New Member
Hi all! I just committed to Chapman!!!!!!!! I'm so ready!!!

I saw this video and got so hyped! Excited to meet everyone who commits!

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