LMU MFA Fall 2017 (Acceptance, Rejection, Holleration, Etc.)

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Anyone have insight on where to look for cheaper housing?// Anybody searching for roommates?
My advisor upon admission said that they usually pair students together moving into the area, but I am a production major looking for roommates to split a house near the area.


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Looking for roommates too! I'm a production major and looking for roommates ok to share apartment/house with couple.

Let me introduce us. I’m a Film Production MFA student who is studying in LMU 2017 Fall, and my boyfriend is a physics PhD in Caltech. We’re both Chinese. We're quiet, clean and easy to communicate with. We don’t smoke or make any noises. Besides, we’re considering adopting a cat from shelter.

We are planning to move in at the end of the June 2017, and rent the room for at least 6 months. We hope the rental will be no more than $1200 per month. And we hope we can are find roommates to share the apartment(2b2b/3b3b) near both colleges.

If there is anyone interested, please feel free to contact with me. Thank you.


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Was admitted for Production today. Honestly, I was expecting a rejection letter so I am so surprised.


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I'm getting pretty stressed about the housing situation. Ideally I would like to live in Playa del Oro (I think it's called), but I won't be able to pay the housing application deposit until the end of June. I'm worried there will be no available rooms by then. And I'm not sure I (or my family) feel comfortable with me living in a non-university facilitated housing. Also not sure I could afford living alone; I've only lived on my own on campus for undergrad.

Also, does anyone have the link to the FB group?

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I'm finally catching up on reading all of these posts. (I had a backlog of 900+ unread) Congrats to everyone! Be sure to come back to the site to share your experience at the school after attending for a while. :)

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Attn 2017 LMU peeps! As you're coming to the end of your program....please be sure to review the school on our review system. It can be an anonymous review:


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