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USC MFA Writing for Screen & Television (Screenwriting) 2021


New Member
Hi!! Longtime lurker, third-time applicant, and first-time poster on this site :D

I decided to finally make an account last week and engage in some of the helpful discourse from this thread. A few years ago, I wrote a similar email to the one ngs091 sent to the SC writing office and got a close response: expect a decision on your app by April or May.

That year, acceptance letters were sent the last week of February. The waitlisted crowd heard back in early March, and I received my rejection letter around March 20. By April 23, roughly all decisions were made. That included the waitlisted folks who were eventually offered admission too! I'm not positive, but pretty confident April is when the dust settles, and the Class of 2021 is completely finalized at USC.

Since they're reviewing everything virtually, this year could absolutely be the exception that proves the rule. But for now, I'd still set my eyes on Feb 21 - March 4 (with extra special emphasis on Feb 28 to March 2)

Looking forward to sweating it out again :)

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