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Has anybody been notified of being on the "high waitlist"? I read in earlier years that they sent out notifications that just said "waitlist" as well as "high waitlist".. Mine just says waitlist, but wondering if anybody received the 'high' distinction/ if Columbia still does that..
From what I read, they stopped doing that. Having been through this last year, nobody I knew who was on the waitlist had a high or low in their waitlist notifications. Even though there's most probably secret ranking, they claim that the waitlist is made of a small group of people and that it is not ranked.


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I just received my rejection letter for screenwriting/directing. Got an email at 5:51 pm est. I never interviewed so I knew it was coming but just wanted to update.

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It's really a bummer not knowing yet, but I'm sure you will have at least one of these amazing schools to choose from! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!
Thanks, I certainly appreciate the thought! Best of luck to you as well.

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I have a question regarding getting loans for living expenses: do we make an estimate and submit it to the school, or....? I didn't do that for undergrad, so not sure. Still waiting for my packet, but trying to do some preliminary planning.
The school has a form called "Budget Adjustment Form" you can find it here:

That form gives a breakdown of the monthly expense limits you can borrow. You would also submit that form to get an increase. Columbia allows you to borrow up to $2,000 per month for housing during the 9 mo school year. You will need to provide a copy of your lease along with that form and submit for an increase.

guys, has anyone applied for Assistantships? when should we apply for it and what are the chances?
Student worker jobs come in your second year. I don't think first years are allowed to work those jobs, although I think they have made exceptions in the past. Every second year is guaranteed a student worker position in the second year. I believe. There is an application process.


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hi abu2030! Just curious, who were your interviewers?
Did i respond to this yet? it was Dan and Matthew. They were very nice.

I applied as a director/screenwriter but judging by how the interview went it looks like they thought of me as more of a screenwriter which makes sense and doesn't really seem to matter at all given that they don't care what we focus on once we're in the program.


Hey. Anybody here turning down the acceptance offer? eagerly waiting on wait list
I know several people who are turning down their acceptances! Based on what I've heard from Patrick Clement and other students, it's totally standard for them to continue taking people off the waitlist throughout the summer. Best of luck to you!

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