NFTS Applications 2021 - The one where the world seems to be on fire....


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Hey guys just thought I’d update here. My interview took place on the 30th of July and yesterday I was mailed that I got accepted into the Directing Fiction course!! Incredibly happy but also frightened but also excited ahhhhh. If you guys have any questions, shoot! I’d only be happy to answer :) very grateful to this forum and thread, for all the info it provided me with.


Hi all,
I've been asked to interview and attend the workshop for NFTS Production Design. Was wondering if anyone else has gone through one of these workshops yet from another department? Wondering what to expect as far as format- since it's all on zoom. Will we be interacting with other applicants? How long is it? That sort of thing. Let me know if you've done yours yet and would be free to chat! Thanks!


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Just got my conditional offer for Film Studies, Programming, and Curation a few days ago and now navigating the minefield of documents I need to get in order (I'm from the U.S.). If any U.S. student here has any advice on where to look for scholarships I would be eternally grateful. And congrats to everyone else who has gotten offers!!


I haven't received anything ... when did you receive this email? I don’t understand, have they already selected the candidates

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